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The darling

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The favorite, this practical and eco-responsible hair accessory
Manufacturing time: 1 week

All pieces are handmade by the designer 🖤

The scrunchie is the perfect accessory to enhance all looks: bun, ponytail, braids. Handcrafted with care, it will bring a subtle and refined touch to your hairstyles. An essential sophistication to shine all day long. Combine boldness with your style and create breathtaking looks!

Made from fabric scraps, it is ideal for giving a look that little something extra. It helps give a second life to materials that would otherwise have been wasted or thrown away. This approach is part of a sustainable development approach by reducing waste and promoting reuse.
Additionally, the scrunchie can be made in a variety of fabrics, which offers a wide choice of colors, patterns and textures. It can therefore be adapted to different styles and occasions, whether for a casual or more formal outfit.

The scrunchies are handmade in the colors and fabrics used for the brand's collections

  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Noir--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Beige chaud--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Blanc--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Blanc/Abricot--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Vert--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Abricot--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Lavande--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Taupe--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Vert kaki--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Rouille--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Bleu--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Bleu clair--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Jaune moutarde--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Fleurs--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Bleu/orange--Le chouchou
  • Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Bleu motifs--Le chouchou

Free delivery to a relay point from 100 euros in France

Organic materials, soft and delicate for the skin

Returns for exchange offered

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Le chouchou - Amor&Lia-Chouchou-Noir--Le chouchou
The darling
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