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Amor&Lia offers comfortable and stylish clothing to enhance women's bodies, at any time of the day and also during all periods of the woman's cycle with clothing that is unhindered and delicate for the skin.

Sustainable commitment

A brand that chooses organic raw materials, certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This standard takes into account social, economic and ecological criteria for the manufacture of fabrics and the manufacture of clothing. But also which is committed to sustainability with a pre-order operation and revaluation of fabric scraps


A brand whose clothes offer a feeling of second skin, which wrap us in softness with a choice of soft and delicate raw materials to obtain a garment in which we feel comfortable and which we can wear all day


A brand that wishes to share a philosophy of living more consciously and in accordance with our needs.


A brand that advocates self-love, in order to feel at peace with your body and connect with your femininity

Sharing and Kindness

A brand that wants to be authentic and transparent about its mode of operation


A clothing brand committed to sustainable fashion in order to preserve nature and humans

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