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Idées de cadeaux éco-responsables pour Noël (ou pas)

Eco-responsible gift ideas for Christmas (or not)


Are you looking for gift ideas to give to your loved ones?
You don't know where to turn to choose the almost perfect eco-responsible gift that will please you?

You are in the right place! Here are some gift suggestions that you can give to your loved ones, while respecting the planet and your budget. Whether they are gifts that can be reused, useful or not, the main thing is that they please the person who receives them. So, without further ado, here are some eco-responsible gift ideas for Christmas (or not)!

🎁 Why not a DIY workshop? It’s a gift that allows you to learn how to make everyday objects yourself, using recycled or natural materials. You can offer a DIY workshop on the theme of your choice, such as sewing, pottery, candles or macramé. It is a gift that will stimulate the creativity and pride of the person who receives it. To do this, you can contact craftsmen in your region or see on their site if they offer introductory workshops. You also have the Wecandoo platform which brings together the workshops offered by certain artisans in your region.

🎁 A subscription to an eco-responsible box: There are eco-responsible boxes for all tastes and needs, such as a food box, a beauty box, a fashion box or a gardening box. It is a gift that will surprise and delight foodies, flirtatious people, fashionistas or gardeners.

🎁 Gift vouchers from eco-responsible brands. It's the gift without taking risks because the person will have the choice! Clothing, accessories, jewelry, games, etc... you will definitely make your loved ones happy
Discover without further delay the gift cards from the Amor&Lia brand

🎁 Accessories are useful and will always be a pleasure! The Amor&Lia brand offers hair and everyday accessories , made from scraps of fabric used for the brand's different collections. You are spoiled for choice!

🎁 Platforms bringing together ethical and responsible brands are full of nuggets to delight your loved ones. Let yourself be guided according to the different categories and the presentations of the brands by platforms such as La boutique Ulule de Bien ou Bien (the Amor&Lia brand is a signatory of the Bien ou Bien charter)

🎁 Designer markets, where you can find local and ethical artisanal gems. For Christmas, the designers' Christmas markets will be for you a beautiful showcase of local know-how and where you can find varied and ethical items to please your loved ones during the Christmas holidays. And for the rest of the year, look for designer markets in your area to discover local artisans and their products.

🎁 A DIY gift? If you like making and using your hands then treat yourself by making a gift yourself for your loved ones. Many DIYs are available on Pinterest!

So ! I hope that these ideas for finding eco-responsible gifts for Christmas (or not) have inspired you and made you want to please your loved ones while doing good for the planet. Don't hesitate to leave me a comment to tell me what you think of my selection or to share your own ideas. Merry Christmas (or not)!

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