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Comment sensibiliser son entourage à la mode éthique et écoresponsable ?

How to raise awareness about ethical and eco-responsible fashion?


What is ethical and eco-responsible fashion? It is a way of consuming fashion that respects human rights, animals and the environment. It is a fashion that favors quality over quantity, which favors short circuits and natural or recycled materials, which reduces the ecological and social impact of the production and distribution of clothing.

But how can you educate those around you about this more responsible fashion? How can you get those around you to accept that ethical fashion can be stylish and trendy? How can we talk about fair prices for clothes offered by ethical fashion brands?

Here are some tips for sharing your beliefs without being moralistic or making others feel guilty (that's not the goal)

😉 Lead by example. The best way to convince those around you is to show them that you yourself apply the principles of ethical and eco-responsible fashion. You can tell them about the brands you like, your favorite brands, the criteria you use to choose your clothes, the actions you take to maintain and repair your pieces, the benefits you get from them (savings, quality, style) etc. .. Your feelings are the best arguments!

🖤 ​​Gently raises awareness. You don't need to give a speech about the evils of fast fashion every time you see someone with a new item of clothing. With the media and social networks, everyone knows how a fast fashion brand works. Instead, you can take advantage of opportunities to broach the subject, like when you go shopping with your friends, when you receive a compliment on your outfit (it comes from a certain brand, you knew they were hired for... ), when you read an interesting article on sustainable fashion, etc. You can then share your point of view without being too insistent or judging the choices of others.

🤗Suggests alternatives. If those around you are reluctant to change their consumption habits, you can offer them more environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, you can suggest that they sort through their wardrobe and donate or sell the clothes they no longer wear, rent or exchange clothes to vary their wardrobe without buying, or favor purchases of occasion or wardrobe clearances, to find out about the labels and certifications which guarantee more ethical fashion, etc.

🌟 Be positive. Instead of making those around you feel guilty by showing them the negative consequences of conventional fashion, you can instead show them the benefits of ethical and eco-responsible fashion. You can explain to them that it's a way to have fun while respecting your values, that it's an opportunity to discover new brands and new creators, that it's a source of satisfaction and personal pride, etc. .

😊 Respect everyone’s pace. You can't change mentalities overnight. It takes time and patience to educate those around you about ethical and eco-responsible fashion. Everyone has their own journey and their own sensitivity and their own experiences. The important thing is to open dialogue and exchange with respect and kindness.

🎁 Discover new brands with gift vouchers ! It's a great idea for birthdays, celebrations with friends or colleagues to offer a gift card from a committed brand in order to encourage people to discover and especially test the products.

🤑Talks about the price of ethical coins. Ethical fashion brands offer quality clothing, made with natural, organic or recycled materials, and which respect social and environmental standards. The price of these clothes reflects the real costs of their manufacture, which include fair wages for workers, protection of biodiversity, reduction of waste and CO2 emissions. And the positive is that by buying these clothes, people support the values ​​of these brands and participate in positive change in the world of fashion.

You now have some of the keys to raising awareness among those around you about ethical fashion. Don't hesitate to share your tips, your discoveries and your favorites with your loved ones. Show them that ethical fashion is not boring, but on the contrary, that it allows you to dress with style while respecting the planet and the people who make the clothes. Together we can make a difference and contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world

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