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Une brise bohème, une capsule de mode parfaite pour cet été - Amor&Lia

A bohemian breeze, a perfect fashion capsule for this summer


A bohemian breeze, softness and freedom for this summer

After the Babette capsule and its very sixties babydoll inspirations, I wanted to stay in the seventies where a wind of freedom and emancipation of women was in the air.

A bohemian breeze, synonymous with freedom and carefreeness
Each piece is designed to celebrate women, their independence and strength, while remaining true to casual elegance. Like a goddess, clothes are adornments that celebrate her beauty.

For this capsule, I took back certain codes from the 70s, always with a twist of modernity and without forgetting the values ​​of the brand

The Bohemian Breeze capsule is:
🌻comfort: essential for the brand! No buttons or zippers. The dress is easy to put on and the cardigan wraps you in softness
🌻ethics: certified cotton and hemp, production to order (with a pre-order phase of the capsule where there will be a special price*) and manufacturing by hand (with love)
🌻Self-love: always designed to enhance women, their bodies and their curves. A fluid silhouette
🌻Affirmed: freedom! Free to move without constraints. This is the common thread of the pieces imagined by Aurélia, the creator of Amor&Lia!

A bohemian breeze, to awaken the goddess in you

The capsule consists of a dress and a cardigan available in two colors and materials, for which you will find the look book here

The Aurora dress : each movement reveals a fluid silhouette that dances with the wind, while the fabric caresses the skin with the softness of a summer breeze. Light and soft, this long dress with its subtly sensual detail and slit will accompany you all day for your walks by the water and in the evening. The asymmetrical cut adds a modern dimension offering a game of hide and seek with the sun. It is an ode to freedom, a tribute to bold and delicate femininity, a creation that celebrates the beauty of each woman who wears it

The Zéphyr cardigan : airy, it envelops you in its delicacy like a caress on the skin that resonates with the lightness of a summer breeze. Butterfly sleeve ends, which dance with your movements, delicate and not stuffy fabrics, such is Zéphir. Fluidity and grace, with lines that delicately rest on your curves, live the present moment with Zéphyr which accompanies you throughout your day

With Amor&Lia, every woman can dress not only with style, but with a story

I imagined this capsule for you, to make you sublime, awaken your femininity and promote freedom

*Special price only for pre-orders. Promo codes are not applicable on pre-ordered pieces

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