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Pourquoi acheter des vêtements éco-responsables ?

Why buy eco-responsible clothing?

Buying eco-responsible clothing has many benefits, both for the individual, society and the environment.
Ethical fashion isn't just about comfortable clothes. There we find crafted pieces, designed for all bodies, always comfortable, but also soft, practical, pleasant to wear all day long, trendy and/or timeless.

Enhance the body with ethical, comfortable and timeless pieces

With this motto, the Amor&Lia brand wishes to convey its passion for fashion, while respecting the standards and criteria of ethical and responsible fashion.

Why turn to responsible fashion?
How will this have an impact?
Can fashion be truly eco-responsible?

Reducing Environmental Impact : Eco-friendly clothing is made using eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials. This means they have a reduced impact on natural resources, biodiversity and contribute less to air and water pollution.

Conservation of natural resources : The production of conventional clothing often requires intensive use of resources such as water, energy and chemicals. By opting for eco-responsible clothing, we help preserve these precious resources for future generations. The manufacturing processes are controlled and certified to guarantee an ecological approach throughout the life of the garment .

Improving clothing quality : Eco-friendly clothing is often made from higher quality, durable materials . They tend to last longer than cheap, disposable clothing, reducing the need to frequently renew your wardrobe. This is a crucial point of eco-responsible fashion! Using organic fibers to manufacture fabrics and then clothing, where every detail is controlled in order to have a product that is resistant over time, is an essential criterion of ethical and sustainable fashion.

Reducing textile waste : Choosing eco-friendly clothing encourages a more sustainable approach to fashion, where items are purchased less frequently, but with greater value and durability. Likewise, by revaluing production scraps , a brand can go even further in its ecological approach (as in manufacturing accessories )

Encouraging sustainable innovation : The rise of eco-responsible fashion is driving innovation in the textile industry, thereby encouraging the development of new sustainable technologies and materials. In this sense , Tencel (lyocell) through its manufacturing process is a new innovative textile that is developing. The brand chose this material for the manufacture of the Faro top in black

Support for local communities : Many eco-responsible brands source locally or work with artisans and cooperatives in disadvantaged regions, thus contributing to the economic development of local communities . Because yes, brands that commit to eco-responsibility take into account people, their know-how and their impact on their environment.

Buying eco-responsible clothing is part of a responsible consumption approach, based on awareness of the impact of our choices on the environment and society.

And if you want to be guided in your sustainable approach, here is a guide to brands committed to the planet AND people!

Amor&Lia is proud to be part of this guide and to be a signatory of the Bien ou Bien charter

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