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Les coulisses d'un shooting pour une marque de vêtements

Behind the scenes of a shooting for a clothing brand


Organization of a shooting for a clothing brand

Organizing a shooting to present a new collection, to talk about the brand and its universe, requires planning and good coordination. Retranscribing the brand's universe through images and atmospheres is essential in order to encourage the consumer to project themselves.

Think about your goal

Why do you need to organize a shoot? To present something new, to define the image of your brand? Defining the objective allows you to guide your choice on the location, the models and the atmosphere to be given, but also on the choice of the photographer.

Preparing a mood board

This is THE link, the common thread that you will need to hold for your shoot. Preparing the mood board allows you to put your ideas in order for the shoot, to have a guideline. Thanks to this, the photographer will have an idea of ​​the atmosphere you want to convey. It's also useful for other service providers/people you will have with you during the shoot.

The photographer's choice

At this stage, you have two options: either take the photos yourself, or call on a professional. And it will depend on your budget but also on what you are capable of doing and what you want to have as a final result for the brand. Whether it is jewelry, bags, clothing, photos have an important role in consumer choice. They highlight your product from all angles to help customers in their purchasing decision.

For me, this is an important criterion and I prefer to call on a professional. Beyond the purely technical aspect (management of light, models, processing), the photographer must correspond to your universe.

How to choose the photographer?

Above all, look at his work, his photos, his website, his social networks. What alterations have been made (light or significant)? Are these bright photos? Are these photos taken in the moment? Depending on what emotions you want to convey, certain details are important. It’s understanding the photographer’s touch, his universe.
From there, ask yourself if the atmosphere that emerges from the photos can correspond to the vision of your brand. For example: bright, outdoor and natural photos while you want fashion and studio photos.

The team

The search for models also depends on your budget and the atmosphere you want to have in your photos. To get started, ask your friends and family. For the first shoots for my brand, I asked friends and they agreed (make sure you have an image rights contract). You can also launch calls for collaboration with amateur models.

Do you need specific staging; makeup and/or hairstyle? If so, can you turn to professionals? In this case, searching on social networks will allow you to find the person(s) available for your project (follow the same steps as finding a photographer, analyze the work of the service providers you select to find out if they correspond to your universe brand). And it will be up to you to define a budget, because you also need to find a place to prepare for the shoot (especially if it is outdoors)

All this work can be taken care of by a communications agency that offers shooting services for a brand.

Location Search

Interior or exterior? It will depend on the atmosphere you want to give. This is why the mood board is there to help you decide and orient yourself. Showcasing your products allows you to give the consumer an idea of ​​how the garment hangs, to see the outfit as a whole and to see it worn, moved, etc. (videos are a plus!)


Prepare the outfits: carefully select the clothing sizes based on the models, moods and style of photos. Check the condition and iron them.
Do you need any accessories? For example, if you do a collaboration with a jewelry brand, make sure you receive them on time if there is ever a problem.
Depending on the location chosen, check its accessibility (park nearby, do you have to walk with all the equipment..?)
It's trivial, but clearly defining a time and meeting place for everyone before going to the photo shoot location helps avoid delays.
Prepare drinks and snacks depending on the length of the shoot

The day of the shoot

Even if you have everything prepared in advance, you are not immune to problems.
But remember one thing, better done than perfect.
Enjoy the moment, seeing your pieces finished and worn
It’s already a victory, a step!

What to do afterwards?

You have post production from the photographer (sorting, retouching)
Then put photos and marketing on your site around the launch of your new collection or product.

Keep in mind that communication and effective coordination between all team members are essential for a successful shoot. And of course, don't be closed to any suggestions from other people, who have an external vision and can make beneficial changes.

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