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Les conseils pour offrir des vêtements éthiques à ses proches

Tips for offering ethical clothing to loved ones


Do you want to offer ethical clothing to your loved ones for the holidays, but you don't know how? Don't panic, here are some tips for finding the ideal gift and introducing your loved ones to another fashion!

Ethical and committed fashion that enhances you and your loved ones

🤩 Choose committed brands: there are many brands that offer clothing made with organic, recycled or local materials, which guarantee decent working conditions for their employees and which support social or environmental causes. You can consult sites like Bien ou Bien , the guide to committed brands, or Dressing Responsible to help you identify them.

🖤 ​​Prioritize quality over quantity: rather than offering several poor quality pieces that will quickly deteriorate, opt for durable and timeless clothing.

💬 Ask the opinion of your loved ones: if you have any doubts about the size, color or style of the clothing you want to offer, don't hesitate to ask the opinion of the person concerned (subtly) or their loved ones .

🎁 and finally the last tip that will save you a lot of hassle (wrong size, color, cut, choice, etc.) think about gift cards ! It's always a gift that pleases because your loved one will have the choice among the pieces offered by the brand(s), but they will also be able to discover the world of ethical and sustainable fashion through the stories of the brands.

The little extra: Wrap your gifts carefully to finish in style
Choose ecological and original packaging for your gifts. For example, you can use kraft paper, fabric or newspaper, and decorate them with ribbons, labels or designs. Get creative and add your personal touch.
You can also ask the brand if special holiday packaging is available.

There you are, you are ready to offer ethical clothing to your loved ones!
You'll see, it's a simple and rewarding gesture, which does good for you, for them and for the world!

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