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Guide pour bien choisir un packaging éco-responsable pour sa marque éthique

Guide to choosing eco-responsible packaging for your ethical brand


Choosing eco-responsible packaging is a crucial step for an ethical brand concerned about its impact on the environment. Amor&Lia decided to look into it from the start, looking for solutions that minimize its environmental impact.

For this, the brand based itself on different points:

Understand the brand's sustainability objectives : As an eco-responsible brand, Amor&Lia offers ethical clothing made from organic materials. Using fabric scraps, the brand has chosen to offer accessories , matching the collection, to minimize waste. But the life of the garment also involves its packaging, its shipping, its use and its maintenance.

Analyze the packaging life cycle : Start by assessing the environmental impact of each packaging option considered, from manufacturing to disposal. Between a cardboard shipping box, a plastic pouch, reusable or biodegradable and compostable packaging, the brand has chosen to favor packaging with minimal impact on natural resources and the environment throughout its life cycle. .

Favor durable materials : We often receive packages in boxes and plastic bags. By opting for recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials, we choose to minimize our impact. The options that the Amor&Lia brand has selected to send the clothes are:
- a biodegradable and compostable pouch , made in Europe
- a reusable package with Hipli

Reduce unnecessary materials and layers : The fewer layers and materials, the less environmental impact. A balance must be struck between product protection and responsible use of resources. Amor&Lia has chosen minimalist packaging, without excess packaging. The clothes are protected by a fabric pouch made from fabric scraps or fabrics found at markets/flea markets to give them a second life.

Favor local and responsible suppliers : We must ensure that they share the same ethical values ​​in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. The brand wants to reduce the carbon footprint by working with local suppliers, such as with Hipli for reusable packages.

Encourage recycling and reusability : Packaging that can be reused for other purposes. To do this, communicate with service providers and offer alternatives to reusing packaging.

Communicate about the sustainability of packaging : Highlight efforts to adopt eco-responsible packaging! Everyone makes efforts at their own level to encourage initiatives 🤗

Continuously evaluate and improve : There will always be technological innovations, initiatives taken to reduce the environmental impact of the life of the garment, so it is up to the brand to stay informed and offer alternatives.

Offering two package delivery options, Amor&Lia aims to be transparent over the entire lifespan of the garment, including packaging, in order to reduce its environmental impact.

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